2016 Exhibitors Highlight (Partial Exhibitors)

A Bébé Sucré (Global Artistic Flower Pastry Association) is a local HK company founded in 2015, specializing in not only arranging dessert tables for big corporate and individual clients, but also designing and teaching artisan vintage French flower cakes with a touch of the sophisticated Korean modern elegance.

With the joint venture between Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd. and Korea Flower Cake Association, We are expecting to further expand our brand and business into China and proximate Asia-pacific sectors in 2017. The upcoming launch of A Bébé Sucré cake boutique at Yue Hwa, Jordan, will surely make a profound history in the vibrant Asian pastry industry with the growing demand for our distinctively quality products.

Amaze Pack Limited provides you with a full range of professional packaging solutions. We are the agent with update information & technology. Our main products include various types of heat shrink packaging machinery, vacuum packaging machine, Sealed Air cushion protective packaging equipment and their equivalent packaging materials. We provide consulting and maintenance services for our customers. We strive to provide the best & suitable packaging solution for our customers and develop long-term business partnership to achieve mutual benefit.

【Pineapple Pastry】Combination Set
Sunshine's basking with farmer's nurtures. Resulting in a robust pineapple orchard
Spread on salt and sugar, slowly simmered and slowly molded. What you taste is slightly sour pulp and natural aroma. And most simplistic pineapple essence.
【Dutch Butter Layer Cake】
Top premium butter refined from fresh milk. With baking technique inherit from Holland. Forging the golden aristocratic manifesto. Aromatic with rich and thick texture.

Artin House Corp. (AHC) is a creative company for products with new design. The members in AHC are with dozens of years of experience and professional knowledge in the marketing / production. We have lots of excellent cooperative manufactures in Taiwan and China for various materials. Our category strength includes Tableware, Kitchenware, Baking Accessories. We look forward to having your contact soon.

Barista HK love everything about Coffee, from how Coffee trees grow and to how to brew and create different Coffee delights! We are here to help people learn the difference between “Specialty Coffee” and “Commercial Coffee”. We are not just a studio with instructors to teach you how to brew good coffee. Our workshops are put together to help you understand the basics of coffee and then create a cup a Coffee that entices your taste bud – your own signature Coffee. At Barista HK, you may also purchase Local Roasted Coffee beans, Coffee makers and accessories that have been carefully selected from around the world.

Blommer Chocolate Company is the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America, with four plants in North America, and our Asia region, China first foreign owned cocoa and chocolate manufacturing plant will start production in 2017. Regional sales offices in HK and China, supported by R&D application laboratory in Shanghai. We provide comprehensive business solutions for the confectionery, baking and dairy industries.
Candle Living is an experienced and professional candle manufacturer for luxurious hotels, prestigious private clubs, restaurant chains, spa and luxury brands. OEM, ODM and tailor made service available. New Product: Fashion birthday POP candle!
Wide range of trendiest design birthday candles: lovely color number candle, elegant tall slim candle, majestic golden birthday candles,cute little clown numerical candle, lollipop candle, sparkling candle, etc. Premium quality. Wonderful decoration on bakery.

China-European Technology Investment Company Limited was begun from 2009 and introduced four high quality German brands into the Asia market. At IBE, it will bring a whole new high quality of cooking experience to the people by introducing more worldwide quality German products to the market:
Back Shop–with a wide and high-quality range of deep frozen bakery products;
DEBAG–experience in handicraft baking and know-how of innovative baking technologies;
AlexanderSolia–exclusively distributes food processing machines;
Ascobloc–offer Cooking appliances, Refrigeration and Freezing Appliances, Self-Service-Lines and Cafeterias, Stainless Steel Furniture Subcontracting in S/S Metal works and toolings. 

CITY PRO is committed to nurturing internationally recognized Barista qualifications, including CITY & GUILDS, SCAE courses, and students will have a better understanding on the coffee varieties, coffee roasting, cupping and Italian coffee-making etc., both theory and practice. The goal is to improve the industry's quality standards for interested parties to join this field of development and provide professional consultancy services.

Cocoa Pin – an extraordinary chocolate experience. Its workshop aims at delivering you a different experience in making chocolate patisseries – not only can you unfold the numerous nutritional value of Belgium chocolate, but also make your own super savoury yet healthy chocolate desserts. All workshops are taught by their experienced chocolatier and pastry chef. Join now to taste this different fascinating experience.
  Established since 2005, Colour Brown Coffee committed in promoting freshly roasted specialty coffee around the world to offer customers an affordable luxury.  Besides operating café and concept stores on retailing of roasted beans and coffee equipment, it also offers tailor-made roasted coffee for commercial and coffee shops and has our Hong Kong coffee plantation for the experimental purpose. A retail counter at premium supermarket in YATA APM has operated since 2014 to promote high quality coffee to public. Colour Brown has established and organized “Coffee Power Championship” since 2013 with Coffee Pro, dedicated to provide a professional exchange platform between overseas judge panel and local coffee players.
Complete Deelite Ltd is a market leader in promoting Cake Artistry in Hong Kong. We are the official distributors of Wilton, Kelmy, AmeriColour, Satin Ice, Lorann, The Suger Art and Martellato. Under Deelite Academy Management, we operate in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and East Malaysia. There will be exclusive demonstrations by international chefs and artists - not to be missed by hobbyists and professionals alike.
Donald, Doppio's director is the 1st runner up of Hong KongKam Cha Championship and 1st runner up of Coffee Power Roasting Competition.Donald owned two cafes before. Doppio provides coffee, Hong Kong style milk tea and cooking classes. Doppio has its own brand of coffee beans and blended tea.Donald is the food consultant of Colour Brown Coffee now and teaches coffee andtea in different organizations.
Frespro Industries is a manufacturer, supplier and service company of key commercial kitchen equipment for catering industry. We offer a range of high quality individual heating, cooling and water treatment equipment ideal for commercial kitchens, including bakery ovens, griddles, snack food equipment, water filtration system, water softening system and commercial cooling equipment. As an innovative company in catering industry, Frespro People have been working to serve our customers with excellent products to build up the desirable benchmark of value for high efficiency, cost saving and superior user's experience.
FoShan Gen Yi Packaging Co. Ltd. supplies the high quality food safe standard products for all over the world, including water cups, food container and boxes, various kinds of trays, lids, bags and etc. We have enough resources and expertise to meet your most demanding packaging needs.
Kwong Wah Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1993. It is the earliest and largest domestic-sales and export bidirectional development production Hong Kong- invested enterprise in the food packaging paper product industry in south China. We have passed ISO9001:2008, FSC, Sedex and Intertek Certification, and gained national QS Hygiene license. Our products include: grease proof baking paper cups, paper doilies, non-stick baking papers, printed food paper mats, cookies and chocolate paper cups, cake boards, paper bags, paper plates, napkins food paper boxes, and other products related to food paper package.
Established in 2010, Fox Coffee Co. is an international brand management and distribution company introducing high quality coffee related products to the Food & Beverage industry in Greater China & South East Asia.
Our passion is helping you & your customers enjoy great coffee at café, workplace & home by providing high quality coffee beans, coffee makers, accessories and espresso machines.
Heng Guan UHT Coconut Milk
Heng Guan UHT Coconut Milk is produced from matured Indonesian coconuts. Pasteurized and Homogenized under state of the art technology using VTIS system. Product passes through ultra-heat treatment to kill all bacteria and packed in both Tetra Brik 1000ml and 200ml to attain a shelf-life of 18 months.
Deliwhip UHT Non-dairy Whipping Cream
Deliwhip UHT Non-Dairy Whipping Cream is produced using fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil. It’s 100% dairy free and due to UHT processing, it can be kept ambient up to 20°C or kept frozen up to -18°C. Deliwhip has very good spreadability and does not curdle after whipped 24 hrs at +6°C. Users can combine Deliwhip whipped cream with acidic ingredients or colouring without worrying about cracks on the cream.
HKFM have focused its attention in the field of machinery for food and the bakery/confectionery sector, mapping out the route to lead our company to offer the best quality machinery, technical services and professional advice in specialized area such as kitchen consultancy.
Katy Sue Designs are a leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning cake decorating moulds and tools.
Designed, sculpted and manufactured in their factory in the UK, Katy Sue is well known for our imaginative designs, intricate detail and silicone mould quality.
Our latest range of moulds includes the revolutionary Creative Cake System which allows cake decorators to achieve the elegant look of Royal Icing with fondant.
White Chia seed Salba Chia from Kenko Corporation is a superfood rich in omega-3 fatty acid and dietary fiber. Since Salba Chia absorbs 14 times its weight in water and becomes like gel, this can increase the texture of bread moist and the shelf life as well when it is mixed with flour. Salba Chia is a natural whole grain certified USDA as well as JAS organic.
Knightsbridge PME (HK) Ltd. is based in the UK and encompasses two brands PME & JEM. Both brands come from an engineering background, hence the technical knowledge that ensures the highest of quality that when combined with the many years of cake decorating experience provides creative and innovated products that are valued and used by beginners through to professionals. KPME is dedicated to education and training and has four International Cake Decorating schools located in the UK, USA & South Africa along with the PME Professional Diploma that is now taught and recognized in many locations around the world including Europe, The Middle East, Asia, North America, South America & Africa.
Thousand ways to make bread but only one yeast :“Saf-Instant” (with attached saf-instant Red-baker)     
TREHATM is a trademark for trehalose manufactured by Hayashibara Co., Ltd. It is a sugar with mild sweetness and provides various benefits, such as starch retrogradation suppression, water retention, meringue stability, improved freeze tolerance and more. A lot of well-known pastry chefs in Japan and also around the world use this multifunctional sugar. Welcome to visit Booth No. E02 (Nagase) for more information.

Silken Soy Puree not only is non-dairy and contains no cholesterol or trans fat, but also is a good alternative to dairy, oil, soymilk, ISP, meat and fish. As a homogenized liquid with a smooth texture and a very low soy aftertaste, Silken Soy Puree blends and handles easily. It has a consistent quality that makes beverages, salad dressings, sauces, ice cream, cheese-cakes, pies, bagels, breads and many other foods delicious and healthy. It comes in shelf-stable aseptic packaging (2.2Lbs/1kg),has no preservatives and does not need refrigeration. It can be stored conveniently at room temperature.
Natural Lot is a Hong Kong-based company that mainly deals with quality food items from all over the world. We have health products and Japan imported products. We are specialized in Kyushu and Okinawa provinces. Our product ranging from bulk ingredients for bakery and restaurant use, to retail items. Our customers include supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, airline companies and others. We have expanded our business to China, Macau and Singapore markets. 
For over 20 years, Papillon Ribbon & Bow designs, weaves, prints and manufactures textile ornaments which have conquered by its creativity and its re-known quality accounts from Fragrances, Cosmetics, Spirits and Intimate Apparel industries. We provides ideas and solutions for manufacturers and retailers that want to upgrade the look of their products with fine quality ribbons, bows and rosettes, trimmings and textile accessories. Flexible to the needs of our clients, Papillon can provide immediate deliveries from our wide range of stock items, or realize unique custom projects.
We offer a worldwide service with 6 sales and logistic offices located in New York, Montreal, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Aiming to provide the best quality pastry ingredients and full-scaled services for the industry, PGC was set up to support the growth of pastry industry. Apart from being the sole importer of the Japanese raw material brands Narizuka, Dover, Nakazawa, Hakuichi, Chiyoda Kinzoku; French brands Corsiglia Facor, Wolfberger, Cemoi; Belgium brand Chocolate World and Germany brand Granbell, we also set up the high quality workshop (with Koma freezer and Miwe oven) for the training and promotional purpose of pastry industry.   
Established in 1992, Pesely Packing Enterprises Limited is one of the most well-known and trusted enterprise specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing disposable food and gift packaging. Our head office is located in Hong Kong and where our branch offices and production plants are located in China and Overseas. Our plants have comprehensive manufacturing equipment, skillful workers and quality control management are followed at all levels of production.Our product range includes takeaway products, bakery supplies, kitchenware, food & beverage, paper container,aluminum foil container, plastic container,biodegradable container,recycle bag, all kinds of gift packaging and partyware etc.
Puratos is an international group with a full range of innovative products and application expertise in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. Products and services are available in more than 100 countries around the world, and in many cases actually produced there by our subsidiaries.Clients are artisans, industry, retailers and food service.We aim to be ‘reliable partners in innovation’ wherever we are in the world, and so help our customers deliver nutritious,tasty food for the communities they live in.Our head office is in Groot-Bijgaarden, near Brussels in Belgium.
25 year old manufacturer of edible cake decorations made with 100% natural ingredients. Quality Sprinkles' products are free from GMO/ Gluten/ Nuts/ Soya/ Dairy Products/ Hydrogenated Fat/ Preservatives. They are suitable for Vegans, Halal / Kosher certified as well. No MOQ, good margins & brand loyalty.
Reangwa Standard Industry Co. Ltd. is situated at Bangna – Trad Road Km. 41 with 50 acres of space. The company operates with more than 100 units of Injection Molding and Blow Molding Machine. Our know-how and skill for the use of high technology are ready to serve all domestic and overseas customers with great range of products. We are currently regarded as one of leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic items in Thailand. Our main products are Ice Coolers, Insulated jugs & Pitchers, Food Carriers, Food Packaging Items, Kitchenware & Houseware items, Promotional items, Microwave items, Industrial containers and so on.
TACO is the brand of powder products for beverages launched by SAENAM F&B in 2007, such as ice tea, latte, ade, frappe mix, etc. The products are healthy as made of natural ingredients. They are easy to make and suitable for bakery cafés, chains, hotels, airlines, etc. TACO assures you a new opportunity in the world of beverages.
Shenzhen Taycool Refrigeration Tech Co., Ltd. located in the fast-growing city Shenzhen, is concentrated in food refrigeration equipment and machinery. We have been
focusing on the development of new tech and manufacture of ice cream machines, slush dispensers and beverage dispensers. We make “quality first”the core guidance throughout our producing; hence we have got our products certified from CE, CB, ETL Sanitation(NSF standard), ROHS, GS, and production line from ISO9001.
Chocolat-ier Limited is an one-stop confectionary store. Since 2010, Chocolat-ier Bite Me chocolate concept store was established and provided a wide range of Bite Me Collection chocolate from Europe. Our signature products include “Strawberry Yoghurt Cereal Balls” and “Raspberry Yoghurt Cereal Balls”, which are rich in fruity flavors, low-fat and light, definitely match with the natural and healthy our brand image. Chocolat-ier Bake Me was established under Chocolat-ier Limited in 2016 to provide traditional French desserts imported from France, including tarts, tartlets, Canelé and Éclair. Chocolat-ier aims to provide a wider range of French desserts and create a bigger dessert paradise for all of you!
Suzhou Ovodan Egg Co., Ltd., a member of Sanovo Egg Group, produces egg products of the highest quality and safety, following the strict international standards for the benefit of the food industry. The range of products, includes liquid, frozen and powder form of whole egg, egg yolk and egg white. Furthermore, Ovodan egg products offers food safety through the removal of bacteria’s and salmonella contamination, and ensures the uniformity, stability and safety of the final products. The products are produced according to strict international standards.
As a Co-founder of Cookies Quartet, Patisserie Tony Wong and Smile Yogurt, Tony Wong has been sharing his expertise on sweet delicacies for so many years.
Now again, combines his expertise and passion, he shares with you a new Boutique - Sweet Boutique de Tony Wong.
Sweet Boutique de Tony Wong is using low sugar content and the best ingredients like Organic flour, French AOC butter, French puree and trehalose. We make sure that no preservative is added to make an exquisite & fresh sweet treats for you.
With the heart to choose the best quality ingredients and the chef creative concept, we trust SBTW collections will delight every sweet tooth. Enjoy! 
T Square Coffee Fantasy is presented by Barista HK. Since we have many years into the Specialty Coffee Industry, we would like to share our experience to our customers who care about the Quality of their Coffee. We use our Technic to make coffees taste better even its still a reasonable price. Our aim is help our customers to Trust their coffee is not only a drink but live. T Square Coffee Fantasy is not limited to be Roasted Coffee Supplier, we have training, maintenance, product selling, consulting service…etc. 
T & K Adv. & Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, specialized in manufacturing gifts, premiums and products that are made of paper. In 2015, we set up a subsidiary, T & K Bakery & Food Supply Limited, to extend our business in bakery designing and selling services.
We manufacture wide range of paper products for variety of companies and industries. Our customers are from local and foreign bakery and food industries.
We endeavor to maintain high quality of our products and control hygiene and safety.
All material such as ink, glue, pasted box comply with National Food Safety Standard.
Tai Dragon Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1977, specializing in the manufacture of High-Speed Horizontal Packaging Machines. The machinery we make is based on the goal of pursuing high quality & efficiency and has reached the international level so far. After the steady growth in the local market, we have stepped into the international market. We also have reached the steady stage and grown with a certain proportion. In order to offer the fast service and supply the parts as soon as possible both in the located & foreign market, we have set up on after-service network in the foreign areas. The goal and faith of our company is to manufacture machines which are not only economic price but also more precious. 
Taicang Run Chang Packing Products Co., Ltd. is a
manufacturer of specialty packing products for food industry. We could meet customer’s demand for broad line of finest quality disposables for the foodservice processors and retail industries. Our product content Paper Container, Plastic Container, Aluminium Foil. 
Team Elegant (HK) Ltd., a leading manufacturing company located in China. Our company is established in 1993, specializing in OEM and ODM tin and paper packaging. Our company is integrated with a one-way stop service to provide our customers with top quality and efficiency. From designing, printing to manufacturing and finally packaging, our company can offer you services in all areas. To enhance qualities, our factories carry our own teams of QC that carefully examine the production process to maintain the quality of our products. We have more than 4,000 sets of molds available and the main products include food containers, stationary items, tin wares and crafts. Our customer network has already spread out to more 40 countries and districts, 90% of our products are exported to North American, Europe and Japan.
Tranquil international has more than 10 years of experience in sales of chemical raw materials, making cake plate mold, company purpose mainly is to develop high and new chemical technology, actively promote organic silicon materials and product application.