IBE 2017 - Program Highlights - Details to be announced

IBE 2016 - Program Highlights

Magical Chocolate Experience

Presented by Puratos with premium chocolate from Belgium, German and French Chefs are coming to demonstrate!

Main Stage Demonstration (English & Cantonese):

Topic: Belcolade Single Origin Application on Patisserie

1 Dec: 12:55-13:55 (Chef Wim de Smet)

Topic: Chocolante Premium White Chocolate Patisserie application -  Beans to Bar Chocolante

2 Dec: 12:55-13:55 (Chef Wim de Smet)

Topic: Belcolade Food Paring Magic: Patisserie with Chocolate

3 Dec: 12:05-13:05 (Chef Jean Marc Gaucher)

The Secret Formula of Quality Pastries

Chef Koichi Izumi was born in 1970 at a famous Japanese traditional dessert family. He is called “the genius Japanese – Western dessert master” by Japan pastry industry. Now, he is a world well-known pastry master. Being the chief chef of Tokyo’s well-known pasty shop Salon de The Cerisier for a couple years, he opened his own signature pastry shop “ASTERISQUE” at the year 2012.

Main Stage Demonstration (Japanese & Cantonese):

Topic: Champion Chef Presents: French Chocolate X'mas   Cake

1 Dec: 14:00-15:00

Topic: Premium Hokkaido Fresh Cream Strawberry Shortcake 

2 Dec: 11:50-12:50

Topic: The Champion Cake “Or” - Golden Ages

3 Dec: 10:30-12:00

Pastry Performance Optimization Corner

Chef Judy Koh, Managing Director, Principal and Executive Chef of Creative Culinaire The School (Singapore, Jakarta and Bali) and Caffe Pralet is widely celebrated locally and overseas as a celebrity chef, food columnist, consultant and judge at bakery and culinary competitions. Judy has been worked in established hotels both locally and overseas.She has also been featured countless times and is a regular contributor to local and overseas food publications, and is the author of several recipe books. Judy will demonstrate at Nagase's booth, don't miss the chance to meet her!

Main Stage Demonstration (English & Cantonese/Madarin):

Topic: Newly Launched Japan x US Bakery Tips 

          “Optimizing Health & Nutrition with Performance”

1 Dec: 11:50-12:50

2 Dec: 13:25-14:25

3 Dec: 15:15-16:15

Decorate Your Cake with Creative Cake System

Internationally recognised cake artist Ceri Griffiths is known for his royal icing piping skills and contemporary cake designs.

Working in association with Katy Sue Designs, Ceri Griffiths is the designer of the “Creative Cake System”, a unique and innovative moulding system for creating the illusion of piped borders for fondant covered cakes.

Main Stage Demonstration (English & Cantonese):

Topic: Performance”Creating a Royal Iced effect with the Creative Cake System Moulds

2 Dec: 14:25-14:55

Learn the Traditional German Bakery

Chef Markus Paschel is a master baker and runs various seminars at the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Sachsen (ADB) Sachsen. ADB is a high educational institute for the baker's trade in Germany. As a specialized service provider for the nearly on thousand baker's trade in the region, it also gives advice to the artisan companies, supports marketing and helps to generate new employees.

Markus teaches different classes and is responsible for events such as with Mr. Johann Lafer, for the organization and the process.

Main Stage Demonstration (English & German):

Topic: Germany's Fragrant Bread

1 Dec: 10:45-11:45

3 Dec: 16:40-14:40

Please reserve seat with the organizer (prior seat for industry players, please state with date of demo, company name, name, title, contact tel and email).

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.